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Diversified Sign Language Services, LLC (DSLS) was initially founded in 1991 by

Mark Alan Morrison, M.A. and operated in New Jersey until the business and

owner relocated in 2005. We are 8(a) certified by the Small Business Association

and the business was incorporated in the state of Maryland in 2007.


Mark Alan Morrison is the principal running the corporation. He is a nationally

certified Sign Language interpreter with more than twenty (20) years of

experience in the Interpreting Field.  He who holds a Masters Degree in Health Studies with a concentration in Deafness Rehabilitation from New York University, a Bachelors Degree in Human Services, and an Associates Degree in Social and Public Services.  Mark holds five certifications offered or recognized by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and received an additional, honorary certification.


Mark is honored to be associated with a fantastic team comprised of staff and exceptionally talented and dedicated professionals!





Mark Alan Morrison, M.A., CI, CT, SC:L, NAD-V, NIC-Master

Nationally Certified Interpreter --- President

Phone: +1 (443) 367-3557

Email: mark@diversifiedsls.com

Jennifer Mitchell, Operations Manager

Voice: (443) 718-9674  Fax: (301)371-3606

Email:  jennifer@diversifiedsls.com

Jamilla Stittgen, Project Coordinator

Voice: (443) 684-5658  Fax: (301) 371-3606

Email:  jamilla@diversifiedsls.com

Marnie L. Jones, Senior Scheduling Professional

Office Number:  443-367-0102   Text:  240-288-3757


Jessica Joyner, Scheduling Professional

Office Number:  443-367-0102, Text: 240-288-3757

email jessica@diversifiedsls.com 

Staff Interpreters (5);  Local Contractors (75+)

Nationwide Consultants: (1500+)


Office Number:  443-367-0102

email:  interpreters@diversifiedsls.com  

Where to Find Us:


Diversified Sign Language Services


 "Mining the Gap Between

Language & Communication"



Main Office


5550 Sterrett Place Suite 301

Columbia, Maryland 21044




Mailing Address



Post Office Box 6147

Columbia, Maryland 21045-6147



Phone: 1 443-367-0102



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